The Cupertino firm simply up to date its MacBook Professional. Folks who have been ready at a halt will be capable to skip ceiling, even though enhancements to the Apple skilled notebooks are a tad disappointing. And clearly, if you wish to comprehend all of those new MacBook Professional, then you definitely'll be happy to listen to that the whole thing is defined later within the part.



As each time with a product cabbage, speculation is rife for several weeks. Some thought that the new MacBook Pro would be a showcase for the "Liquid Metal", others that they would be lighter, thinner, more autonomous … cheaper and eventually everyone was wrong. Apart from their release date, the only rumor that proved well founded, it is ultimately the one that alluded to the Light Peak, now better known as the Thunderbolt. However, we emphasize all-in-fact that even the new models were unveiled before hours.

Now that this little reminder of the latest rumors about who would run the new MacBook Pro is done, we will be able to pass the core issue and look closely at the different models that are just making their entry into the Apple Storemodels that are eventually to number five.There are thus two MacBook Pro 13-inch, two 15-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro 17 inch.We note in passing that the famous white MacBook is still in the catalog and all new MacBook Pro includes the Sandy Bridge and Port Thunderbolt aka "Light Peak.

The two 13-inch MacBook Pro offers a respective sandy Core i5@2.5 Ghz  and Core i7@2.7 GHz (3MB cache) , 4 GB RAM, 320 GB and 500 GB of storage, with Intel HD 3000 384 MB of memory  and a camera FaceTime HD, WiFi, Bluetooth, Ethernet port, FireWire 800, two USB 2.0 ports, a port and a Thunderbolt card reader SDXC. Autonomy side, Apple announced that they can expect to take seven hours, it will be all-in-waiting for the same initial feedback as to whether this is true or not. Note that the screen resolution is set at 1280 by 800. For the price, otherwise it will cost at least $1,199 for the first model and $1,499  for the second.

The two 15-inch MacBook Pro offers for their Core i7 @ 2 GHz and a Core i7@2.2 Ghz (6 MB cache) , 4 GB RAM, 500 GB and 750 GB of storage, Radeon HD 6490M with 256 MB of memory (+ Intel Graphics HD 3000 with 384 MB of memory) and an AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 1 GB of memory (+ Intel Graphics HD 3000 with 384 MB of memory ) and an HD camera FaceTime , an Ethernet port, one FireWire 800, two USB 2.0 ports, a port Thunderbolt card reader SDXC. Note the absence of SSD, which is frankly very disappointing and he should know that these bikes offer 7 hours of battery life. The resolution, meanwhile, i
s 1440 by 900.
 Price aside, however, these models are offered for $1799 and  $2199.

The 17-inch MacBook Pro finally offers a sandy Core i7@2.2 Ghz, 4 GB RAM, 750 GB of storage space, an AMD Radeon HD 6750M with 1 GB of memory (+ Graphics Intel 3000 with 384 MB of memory ) and an HD camera FaceTime, an Ethernet port, FireWire 800, three USB 2.0 ports, a port Thunderbolt, an ExpressCard slot. All with a resolution of 1920 by 1200. A bike frankly very tough, therefore, aimed primarily at those who need power but do not always hang out at home in shorts. Autonomy announced is 7 hours and this model will cost you a whopping 2499 Euros.

Now we will happily go to options and see what you can add to your bike and especially the price it will cost you in the end:

  • MacBook Pro 13 inch: 8 GB of RAM, 500 GB HDD 7200T, 750 GB HDD 5400T, 128 GB SSD ,256 GB SSD , 512 GB SSD.
  • MacBook Pro 15-inch Intel Core i7 to 2.3 GHz (second model), 8 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD 7200T, 5400T HDD 750 GB , 128 GB SSD ,256 GB SSD ,512 GB SSD, glossy HD screen, antirflet HD screen.
  • 17 "MacBook Pro: Intel Core i7, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD 7200T (free), 128 GB SSD ,256 GB SSD  , 512 GB SSD, anti-reflective screen.

So good, in other words if you want a laptop with a SSD, will have to cough up severely. From my point of view, this is really the most disappointing point of the new MacBook Pro. Let us not forget that MacBook Air offers native Flash memory and the latter is more or less the same as the first MacBook Pro (as much as 11 inches in 13 inches) . In this context, one might wonder why laptops in the professional range of the firm do not. A mechanical hard drive is slow and fragile. For that price, the least we can do is to take advantage of current technologies.

And while we're at, what about the new prices imposed by Apple? From my point of view, between the MacBook Pro 13-inch and the MacBook Pro 15-inch, missing at least one model. The first MacBook Pro 15 "could be offered to  $1,799 , even proposing a processor a little less swift, it would have been more logical. As for the $2599  17-inch MacBook Pro, not worth talking about. Obviously remains the question of Thunderbolt.And yet, I will not judge this technology, I'd rather wait until we see what it's worth on the field. But do not worry, eh, because there's a good chance we hear about in the weeks or months ahead.


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