Weiphone  Forum users exposed an allegedly new 13-inch Macbook Pro configuration of a single, and indicates that the configuration is a single from a friend in the U.S. Apple internal. The configuration is a single show this 13-inch Macbook Pro Ivy architecture i5 2.5GHz processor 4GB of DDR3 memory, hard disk is still the traditional mechanical hard disk of 500GB. Drive, retina, and appearance and the Macbook Pro, 2011, no difference.

As if this is to disclose the information in the configuration on the new Macbook Pro 13-inch version and compared to existing products is just the processor upgrade to the Ivy architecture, and before rumors of the retina display screen, no optical drive, SSD solid state drive
 does not comply.

While rumors of recent weeks suggest that Apple could equip all of its laptops with a screen Retina, a photo published on Tuesday afternoon would confirm the opposite. Indeed, this blurry photo published by the website Weiphone indicates characteristics that belong to the next generation of MacBook Pro.They relate here a model 13.3 "which would retain its standard resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels.Moreover, the latter embark Ivy Bridge processor and a GPU HD 4000, an output Thunderbolt course as well as support for USB 3.0, which would be a first for a Mac.

Although this configuration is a single fraud is very simple, but I scanned the bar code on the click photos and found that indeed, and the bar code on the digital 826-9 882-A match, even if fraud is also bound to cost a little effort. However, this configuration a single or a lot of friends agrees, that Apple may be only for the new 15-inch Macbook Pro with retinal screen, or the retina screen as a high with a version of the configuration.


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