A brand new submit at T-GAAP speculates on new MacBook Professional fashions and notion that perhaps Apple will liberate a brand new model in October. Additionally it is assumed that buyers at some point between the standard design and a brand new MacBook Professional Air can make a choice a an identical design. It has been urged sooner than, that Apple is engaged on a sequence of thinner MacBook Professional's with 15 and 17 inches.


Intel has recently opened new and faster Intel Core Sandy Bridge published i7 processors and screwed the price down further. In addition there is information on  AppleInsider , according to which there should be a MacBook Pro Late 2011 model, that Sandy Bridge will include the new processors from Intel. Otherwise, it will unfortunately be no external changes to the Macbook Pro.

Specifically, the new 2.4GHz chip manufacturer, 2.5GHz and 2.7GHz Quad-Core i7 processors is presented, the current versions of the MacBook Pro's with 15 – and could replace 17-inch. In addition, a 2.8GHz Dual Core i7 processor was released, which could be a new variant for the 13-inch MacBook Pro series. Intel continues to list two new i5 processors that Apple could use the 13-inch MacBook Pro series.

Here are the specifications of the new Intel processors Sandy Bridge:

  110913-1 Intel-e1315951376986

These processors are the latest Intel price list included, the fourth on the Is dated September.

The last update of the MacBook Pro series is 201 days in the past, on 24 February 2011. The average time between updates is according to the MacRumors Buyer's Guide to 215 days and possibly even Apple could announce during the fall event, an update to the MacBook Pro series.

Only recently, new information on the Ivy Bridge were released by Intel processor, this processor will next year come on the market. Due to the above update, Apple could bridge the long wait for the new processor chip and a smaller update continues to be competitive. The Ivy Bridge processors with an integrated graphics card should be faster and up to 60 percent in the period April / May are available.

What do you think? I personally think that Apple will implement two different MacBook Pro design stages and this year the traditional design of the MacBook Pro's will remain faithful. The next year I would expect a thinner design for the series.


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