FingerKey is one of the applications that allow unlock your Mac using Touch ID but if you want an alternative, MacID is another alternative to consider.


MacID uses Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity to unlock your Mac without having to enter the administrator password, which can sometimes be very comfortable. The downside of this technology is that not all Macs have Bluetooth LE, limiting compatibility to the latest models and have below:



  • MacBook Air from 2011 onwards.
  • MacBook Pro 2012 and newer.
  • iMac from 2012 onwards.
  • Mac Mini 2011 and newer.
  • Mac Pro from 2013 onwards.

Another indispensable to use MacID requirement is to have an iPhone or iPad upgraded to iOS 8 and your Mac have Yosemite installed. If you meet these requirements, simply download MacID for iOS and OS X client to get everything configured in minutes.

From that moment, your mark will become another method to unlock your Mac. As added, the application will notify us when it detects that the computer has been on and we offer you to unlock it remotely, so yes, always within the range offering Bluetooth connectivity. Also receive notifications whenever requested OS X administrator password.

iphone1The downside of MacID is its price and is 3,99 euros may seem expensive, especially if compared to FingerKey offering very similar functionality for half the money. Its unique interface is the added value offered by this app so if you are someone who values a careful visual aspect. MacID can be purchased from the App Store for $3.99

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