macOS ‘Big Sur’ Unveiled With Updated Design


The new Mac operating system is now official! As leaked today, the new name chosen for this major update will be macOS Big Sur, a release focused on improving the user interface, which now reaches a new level in terms of usability and aesthetic features.

Apple has thoroughly revised the macOS interface, with a new design that brings a new, and brighter interface but does not upset the familiarity of the operating system that we are used to. Each element is re-defined with the addition of many new functions. The icons in the dock and all the various buttons or controls will now be available only when needed, for greater cleaning and maximization of the user interface.

A new control center arrives on macOS, similar to the one currently available on iOS and iPadOS, together with a new notification center that offers greater interactivity together with many new widgets, customizable to have as much information as possible in one place.

However, it is Safari that carves out a significant space during the presentation phase. Apple has worked a lot in terms of performance (with a new JavaScript engine that allows you to get up to 50% more performance than Chrome) but also on aspects related to personalization and privacy. The various tabs now make navigation intuitive, allowing us to view multiple panels and a convenient preview simply by moving the cursor on the tab concerned. Even the customized interface is now considerably richer in information with the new sections such as Reading List and iCloud Panels; it is also possible to add an image as a background for almost total personalization. There is also a new translator (which currently includes seven languages) for an efficient and above all well-integrated translation in its interface. There is also a new extension panel, with a new dedicated category that will be available on the Mac App Store.

The Messages and Maps applications will also gain new features. As for Messages, new tools are available that allow you to better manage conversations, thanks to the possibility of fixing conversations at the top of the list. The search function also received a makeover with results organized by links, photos, and corresponding terms that allow users to find what they are looking for. Also, the effects and memoji finally arrived, thus offering a uniformity with the applications present on other operating systems.

Maps app also receives many updates. Users can discover places to visit and things to do with the guides of reliable sources with the possibility of creating personalized lists with the restaurants, parks, and holiday destinations they prefer, which can be shared with relatives and friends. The Look Around function and the consultation of the interiors of the main airports and shopping centers also arrive. There is no shortage of tools for calculating bike routes and electric vehicles on the Mac.

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