Macs Are By Far The Most Reliable Computers


MacsNew research has shown that Macs are the most reliable computers for 2017, especially in terms of quality and durability of components that make them leaving behind the rest of the companies and much.

This comes from RESCUECOM, one of the largest electronics repair and support companies, which states that Apple computers can be much more expensive than Microsoft Windows computers, but are less likely to be and more reliable.

It is a fact that Fletcher Previn, IBM Chief Information Officer, says his company prefers to buy Macs because it saves money because of the problems that these machines have and the need for service is negligible.

As for the other companies, Samsung remains high in credibility as a company despite the “explosive” events with Galaxy Note 7, which in the tablet sector has the Galaxy Tab S2 as an opponent of the iPad. The Tab S2 may be cheaper than the iPad but at the same time it is more expensive than the other Android tablets.

macsIn third place we find LG, which, with its LG G Pad, puts it in the most trusted companies along with Lenovo. Lenovo’s ThinkPad, kevlar-resistant, and keyboards that are resistant to a possible liquid spill, rank it as trusted according to the same research.

Seeing Dell, Asus, Acer and HP, they are companies that provide computers for all kinds of purposes, from simple to professional, and therefore they are at a low level of reliability, since depending on the quality of the computer, they are the individual pieces .

Going to Microsoft, which may have captured the impressive Surface Studio but the Surface Tablet is a real nightmare when the time comes to repair them as the way they are made is like Microsoft has made them unproductive, with the example of the screen breaks during the process of detaching it from the tablet, sounding really painful.

In brief, Toshiba is down in the list, as its minimal market share, due to the financial scandal in 2015, and possibly the poor reliability of personal computers, does not give her much room for something good.

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