The rumors a couple of smaller dock connector for future IOS units are intractable by way of the day. In February used to be the primary to document about Apple engaged on a smaller dock connector for the brand new iPhone, however in up to date months there had been a few sources who ascertain the story.

The leaked circumstances of what’s probably pointed to the iPhone may have a smaller dock connector than what's viewed in its predeccessor. There’s nonetheless so much uncertainty about how a lot smaller this connector will in the end be, in step with the expertise web page TechCrunch, it is going to be a 19-pin connector, a declare that was once verified additionally via Reuters information company. Then again, there are a couple of web sites which have anticipated an excellent smaller eight-pin connector deem imaginable. The day past, it was once 9to5Mac flip in fiding a 9-pin connector reference code in iOS 6 together with different hardware options for the brand new iPhone.

As of late was once once more the flip of the French site NowhereElse published some unseen photos placed on the bottom of this new connector, in the photos can be seen that the connector is not only smaller but also has a metal ring on the inside of the housing. This ring is probably meant for the dock connector to securely connect to the iPhone. It seems in any case much on the MagSafe connector that we've seen on the MacBook, thanks to the MagSafe connector, there is easy way to the connect without removing the connector constantly from the MacBook.

The new iPhone is expected sometime in September or October , although there are several sources stated that the new iPhone is expected on September 12, given the current IOS 6 beta's not inconceivable that Apple's smartphone might not be avaialble until sometime in October.


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