MagSafe USB-C cable brings magnetic power on Apple’s 12-inch Macbook



With the new 12-inch Macbook released, with incredible small size keyboard greatly facilitates the task of writing for those who spend many hours at the computer and a single USB-C connection, which caught the attention, besides the autonomy that gave us the device was that Apple had grown from the typical MagSafe connection had used for several years in this line of the company portable.

While the USB connection is the future, Apple might have opted to keep the typical MagSafe connection only it includes the new type of connection, but it is something that Apple has accustomed us. The other problem that users who buy this device can not use hard drives or USB drives that way unless they are made with adapters.


The cable connector has a thickness of only 12.8 millimeters, different manufacturers on the market have sought a solution to this problem, beyond the possible solutions that may have reached the funding platform Kickstarter or Indiegogo. Griffin, well known for its accessories for the Apple ecosystem, today announced a new cable that attaches to the USB-C connection Macbook and then merge it to the charger that is attached by magnets.

The thickness of this little device is only 12.8 mm, so you can leave it connected to our Macbook when transported. BreakSafe as Griffin has called this charger is compatible with the USB-C connection of the new Macbook. When it hits the market in April, it will cost $39.99.

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