Mailbox for iPad gives you the advantage that you have the application completely on your screen to thereby provide greater productivity by dividing the interface into 2 columns. The left shows the message over who is the same and the content of the email to the right. At the top you will see icons known as the archive, inbox and snooze like those you see in the application for iPhone and iPod. A surprise that perhaps many did not expect is that by the time Mailbox for iPad only works in landscape mode, but has confirmed that it will work in portrait mode with a future update.

The computer maker made ​​a mistake Mailbox expected to be corrected soon and is that the window to compose or create a message they left a rather small and does not take advantage of the large iPad screen which makes this feature in particularly a # fail. While on the other hand do not forget that any changes you make in the Mailbox application for iPad will be reflected on your other computers iOS as the iPhone without having to open both devices at the same time.

On the other hand good news for Mac users since the Mailbox team is planning to launch the application for Mac and although Mailbox is limited to Gmail and Google alone are expected to add more customers as they grow.

And if for some reason that happens to this user which sent a message via the social network Twitter to find where it says no messages in Gmail, the answer here.

Mailbox for iPad is in the iPad free of cost, so download the application now.

Download -> Mailbox for iPad

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