Mailbox iOS App for iPhone update brings landscape mode



Mailbox developers announced the release of an update of its email client. The new version 1.3.2 in addition to fixing bugs got one important feature: support for landscape mode on the iPhone.

Upon the update release, Mailbox development team  wrote announced it on  twitter. Now the iOS app allows iPhone users to view and create email messages, using smartphone in landscape orientation. In previous versions of these functions, as well as all the others were limited to portrait mode.

Mailbox interface  has different options. Swipe your finger to the right – the message will go to the archive,  but when swept slowly to the right, the message is deleted. To read the email later, swipe left and you can specify when you want to go back to the email. The time length can also be adjusted to described as well.

When you run the Mailbox, developers said they were not able to cater for all those wishing to use the service, and asked users to “stand in line” to try out the program. Back in April , the email client developer  removed all restrictions from Mailbox installation Mailbox and the iOS app was made available to the public.

Download Mailbox for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [App Store Link]

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