Maize Releases iOS 11-Like Control Center To iOS 10 Jailbroken Devices



iOS 11 jailbreak so far have not been further news, but the latest control center features will be a lot Still stay in iOS 10 users most want to achieve functionality, today the Creatix team for the jailbreak user exits the Maize plug-in, bringing The most powerful iOS 11 control center features, it can be said is the perfect porting iOS 11 Control Center iOS 10, even more than the original iOS 11 also brings more and better use of custom switch control.

This only supports iOS 10 – 10.2.1 jailbreak users, if not jailbreak, please refer to this iOS perfect JB teaching and skills.
Maize Features

iOS 10 If you can achieve such as the control center on iOS 11 that’s good, this dream has now jailbreak plug-in developers have been for everyone to achieve.

For the old device users, upgrading iOS 11 will only lead to system fluency and experience even worse, resulting in more people want to change the device, but to have jailbreak on iOS 10 users, please do not give up the beautiful jailbreak environment , New features on iOS 11 can be easily plug-in to achieve.

Maize this plug-in iOS 1 1 control center all the features 1: 1 perfectly ported to iOS 10, the operation of the control center with iOS 11 exactly the same, sometimes people mistakenly think they are using iOS 11, but compared to iOS 11 is better to be able to customize more switch options, and with well-known control center Flipswitch, Polus, QuickDo plug-in share, of course, even the “screen recording” function also can be achieved.

Brightness adjustment, volume control and UI design, but also completely imitate the display.


Music playback control, the most commonly used switch (flight, mobile data, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth) is also set by pressing, but fortunately, iOS 11 will automatically enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are also automatically ported .

If you want to know iOS 11 Control Center, details can also be through this iOS 11 Control Center quickly get started! Built-in video screen also appeared in” teaching to understand.

Maize costs $3, and for previously purchased ControlCenterXI, it is available to upgrade for $1.50.

Install software through the source

Step 1: Go to  Cydia and search for “Maize (iOS 10)” install it, if you can not find the plug-in please refer to this. (Author: Creatix, software source: Bigboss).

Step 2. Click “confirm” installation, installation is complete and then click “restart SpringBoard”.

Maize Setting
After installation, please go to “Settings”> “Maize” to set, you can freely adjust the switch position.

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