In practise for the launch of the iPhone 5 seem an increasing number of claims of suspected elements, designs and leaked knowledge. Mall TVC claims to have the iPhone parts of the battery, camera lens and headset cable of the next generation iPhone (see photo). They differ in minor respects from the current four parts of the iPhone, it seems like you the parts next to each other. 


The battery of the new model (3.7 V – 5.3 Wh with model number 616-0580) is shown below left, while the right the current battery of the iPhone 4 (3.7 V – 5.25 Wh to type numbers 616-0513 and 616 -0521), a slightly different confirmation of the connector.


The camera on the back shows an integrated flash, like the iPhone 4. Earlier rumors created the impression that the flash would be separated from the camera. There is not deduce whether it is a 8 megapixel camera, as previously also suggested. The third part of the site is called Audio Jack Flex Cable, a cable that connects to the headphone port. It looks totally different than the current iPhone 4. iFixit looked at the photos and says that the part numbers are realistic, but gives little assurance that they are authenti
Slightly elevated part numbers are easy to invent

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