Manufacturer Case Maker Showed 4.7 -inch iPhone 6 Larger Display, Ultra Thin Body


iPhone-6Famous Chinese accessories manufacturer Elam Enterprises posted a net graphical layout of the iPhone 6. Argued that it will be used when creating accessories manufacturers plastic , polyurethane , aluminum , leather and silicone covers for the device. Image published a French resource Nowhereelse.

By design submitted iPhone 6 coincides with earlier leaks , which was sealed a schematic representation of the future system. Post image resource reported that 4.7 -inch iPhone will have a thickness of 7 mm, and 5.5 -inch – 6.7 mm . For comparison, the current flagship iPhone 5s thickness is 7.6 mm.

Apparently , iPhone 6 will receive a rounded body of brushed metal and a large display, sapphire crystal coated with thin side frames . It is not excluded that the button Translation smartphone into hibernation can move to the side . It is necessary to provide some new functionality or to facilitate operations performed by one hand.

We all remember the stories with covers for the iPhone in the past, when dozens of companies in China began to produce accessories for ultra-thin smartphone with a ” teardrop ” design a few months before release. Convinced that the specifications they received from insiders are correct , they started mass production.

It is obvious that here there is a financial incentive associated with the sale of finished covers, demand for which will begin on the first day of sales of new iOS- devices and promises millions of dollars in profits . However, all their labors were in vain , because the iPhone 4S design has remained unchanged .


However accessory manufacturers are not always wrong . So , in 2012, how will the iPad 2, the world knew even before the announcement of the tablet. A month before his presentation manufacturers started producing cases and protective films , which later turned out exactly match the dimensions of the gadget and have all the necessary technological holes ( speaker grille , buttons, etc. ) . Later justice punish those who are guilty of divulging secret.

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