MAUZ turns your iPhone into computer mouse



New accessory called Mauz shown at CES 2013, the new device can turn iPhone into 3D-manipulator, a touchpad and a remote control for your PC.

At the Consumer Electronics Show CES 2013 in Las Vegas, the company Spicebox demonstrated an unusual device, which is able to give the Apple mobile device features wireless mouse with gesture support, reproducible, including through integrated camera.

All you have to do is to connect a small adapter to your Apple smartphone or tablet, download the application from the App Store and install a Mac or Windows free client. The device connects to your computer via Wi-Fi network, and works as an advanced robot arm that can control the cursor in the style of a Nintendo Wii controller or Microsoft Kinect.

Spicebox plan to raise funds for the enhancement of the collective online fundraising Kickstarter. If a success, funding Mauz will go on sale this summer season and can value $70

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