Mavericks OS X Server turns a pc right into a Excellent Server


osx-server-mavericksApple released OS X Mavericks Server software that allows to  sync contacts , schedule meetings ,publish wikis ,  share files , host a website configure an iPhone, iPad, and  Mac to gain remote access to the network. The package can be used by OS X Mavericks users.

Among the features of OS X Mavericks Server company allocates simplified file sharing , Wiki Server, Profile Manager , a buffer server , Time Machine, postal services , servers, calendar, contacts and messages , a virtual private network , Xsan, as well as the ability to automate the installation and upgrade to OS X computers in the local network.

Server software is now available for download directly from the Mavericks in the Mac App Store. At the request of Apple, OS X Server quickly and easily transforms your Mac into the new operating system in the server ideal for home offices , companies , educational institutions and computer enthusiasts.

File Sharing

  • File sharing for Mac, PC and iPad.
  • The standard file services SMB2, AFP and WebDAV.
  • A flexible system of access rights to files.
  • Search Spotlight.

Profile Manager

  • Mobile device management system for Mac and devices with iOS.
  • Simplified Management and Deployment for iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks.
  • Distribution of licensed programs and books acquired within the framework of the bulk purchase .
  • Administration Console is a web-based interface.
  • Self-service portal for clearing codes , passwords , remote lock and wipe data .

The caching server

  • Acceleration software download Apple.
  • Local caching programs , books , materials, iTunes U, software updates and images to restore OS X.
  • A fault-tolerant architecture with redundant cache for multiple servers and load balancing mechanism .
  • To configure client devices are not required .

server Xcode

  • Xcode 5 allows you to create robot software for continuous integration , assembly , analysis, and testing for any Mac running OS X Server.
  • Bots can perform the integration in a given time or permanently , as the code is sent to the store.
  • Automate testing programs for OS X and iOS, running them on multiple connected devices with iOS.
  • Create your own Git repository running OS X Server or connect to remote hosts and Git version control systems .
  • Remote access to detailed summaries of integration and assembly at night through a web interface.

Time Machine

  • Place your backup Mac on your network.
  • Keep track of which computers to be backed up , when it is performed for the last time and what is the size of the backup .
  • Ask your Time Machine volume storage for each user.

server calendars

  • Shared calendars , scheduling meetings and events , booking meeting rooms.
  • Server CalDAV, available with Mac, iPad, iPhone and PCs with Windows.
  • View the availability of users and search for the status of ” free / busy “.

The server contacts

  • Synchronize contacts with Mac, iPad and iPhone.
  • Ability to open and update contacts among multiple users.
  • Server CardDAV.

Wiki Server

  • The page editor with features instant formatting , add images , videos, and attachments.
  • Tools access control.
  • Tags , and comments.
  • History of edits .

Mail server

  • Server -based SMTP, IMAP and POP.
  • Active notification.
  • Encryption SSL.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

  • Secure remote access to network services.
  • VPN connections for Mac, iPad, iPhone and PCs with Windows.


  • File Sharing SAN block-level access for simultaneous read / write .
  • Placement and configuration of volumes Xsan.
  • Volume management , storage pools , and a comparison of the distribution of data volumes.
  • Tracking , schedules and event notifications in real time.

Server program

  • Local and remote management.
  • Setting up users and groups.
  • Graphs server utilization in real time.
  • Notification of changes in the network, after certification , the use of storage , etc.

Download OS X Server for Mavericks can be found at the Mac App Store.

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