According to the latest rumors around the web, the new iPhone 6  is scheduled to be presented on September 9, one the new features is that it will be integrated with NFC (Near Field Communication) processor designed by the Dutch NXP Semiconductor, which will allow for the first time to make payments wireless with some of the most popular brands of electronic payment, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Therefore, with a movable iWallet, an electronic bends can handle data of credit cards and allow customers to make payments by bringing their smartphone with the payment device available at the stores associated with the network of Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

After having a hostile attitude towards NFC technology, available for most systems Android ,this is a news that receives applause from credit cards merchants that they see so widen the potential volume of transactions wireless NFC.

According to an internal memo to restaurant managers, which is owned by 9to5Mac, received the necessary equipment.


A few days after the announcement of Apple event, McDonald’s has decided to implement mobile payments in their fast food, as evidenced by a message issued in the day today. The message indicates that the hardware in question for payments must be installed and tested before  September 15 and that all employees should be trained to use it by the same date. Given the choice to impose a deadline of September 15, it is possible that the launch of the iPhone 6 and the implementation of payments.

Because everything can become reality, however, must increase the number of retailers in possession of devices compliant NFC technology currently adopted by a small number of operators retailer, and will at the same time increase the number of people willing to make mobile payments with cards credit.

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