The I/O conference for developers, Google announced its plans for the virtual reality that will be supported natively by Android in the future.After Cardboard announced in 2014, Google introduced the Google I/O to its new platform called Daydream. The platform will only be available later this year, but developers can now access all the necessary tools to create their own app VR-ready.

Google Daydream, VR platform mounted on Android N, which will ship in the third quarter of 2016. As any beginning, things will not be for everyone: Daydream will be available for next-generation phones, as they should incorporate a hardware specifically designed for this type of technology.

The platform keeps inside everything we could need to enjoy this content. Within Daydream, applications will have available a huge number of companies. From games to movies to videos on YouTube, you can enjoy many applications specifically designed for this platform in virtual reality.

Also, accompanying Daydream, Google has unveiled a small control with several buttons that will meet a number of basic functions. From cursor up fishing rod, this command can even serve as a virtual sword in the odd game.

Unfortunately, not all terminals will be able to withstand Daydream. And that later, Google published a list of some of the key specifications required to play this content. However, phone companies like Xiaomi, Huawei and Samsung will be included in this list.


On the other hand, Google has placed particular emphasis on the integration of native form of virtual reality on Android N. This will be carried out thanks to the new VR mode, which is already as native option in the Developer Preview software firm.

As Google has announced extra ball Daydream, a platform to democratize virtual reality but with a certain level of quality. The technology will be integrated into Android VR N and provide a specific section in Google Play as well as a standard viewer VR and a special control to optimize the experience.

At the software level, Google has redesigned a series of applications and also the viewer interface to make it faster and easier to use. The price of the viewer and controller VR Google dedicated to Android has not been disclosed.

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