Meet Sileo, Cydia Replacement For Electra Jailbreak


new jailbreak manager

A few days ago, update Electra jailbreak was officially launched to support iOS 11.3.1. Many changes are being introduced that many will find hard to accept, but whoever has the jailbreak has almost the power to adjust the way users manage their tweaks.

For that reason, Electra team announced that they will stop supporting Cydia, instead introduce Sileo, a new package manager much more visual and adapted to the interface of iOS 11 since it will only be compatible with this version.

CoolStar through his Twitter account he has been sending messages to Saurik, creator of Cydia who has not updated his package manager before the arrival of new iOS firmware. Many have been tweets went on to confirm that Cydia will no longer be available with Electra and to move on with to a new manager called Sileo, more modern and only compatible with iOS 11 due to the 64-bit architecture and the UI used.

In addition to CoolStar, the rest of the team’s hackers have been transferring more information in the face of the Sileo news. Users can rest easy because the purchases made in Cydia will remain in Sileo. In addition, we emphasize again that this manager will not be able to use those users with iOS 10 or lower versions that will continue with Cydia.

It is also true that urging to impose a new package manager is an arduous task since they have to adapt different ways that in Cydia remained intact since its creation 10 years ago. We talked about the Safe Mode that has undergone a redesign or Substitute and the rest of tweaks that have to work natively for the proper functioning of both the jailbreak and iOS.

(Source: @coolstarorg [Twitter])

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