Iphone 6C

Iphone 6CIn November, several informed sources reported that Apple is testing the next generation of smartphones iPhone 6c. Moreover, in the new model, allegedly it is planned to increase the display panel to 5-inch.

These rumors inspired the designers of the company SET Solution on creation of the concept iPhone 6c, which they showed in the video. In fact, we are talking about the second video about a hypothetical device, the first was shown two weeks ago.

iPhone 6c equipped with a large display that is easy to use with one hand – due to the curved shape of the screen and ultrathin framework. Also smartphone, due to its shape, it would be better to lie in your hand and pocket. The device is made in plastic case and like its predecessor, is available in five colours. A new generation of phone got more perfect camera and fingerprint reader Touch ID.

iPhone 6C concept

By way of the way in which, at first of the month the Bureau of the USA patent and trademark introduced Apple patent on the know-how to create a curved monitors. It describes the versatile sensors for future show of the iPhone. The report describes the know-how of formation of sensors with a curved versatile substrate. Smartphones with curved show of those firms Samsung and LG.

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