Mega Jump 2 is available in App Store

Mega Jump 2 is available in App StoreMega Jump will be pleased to know that Get Set Games has released a sequel to the game for iOS, Mega Jump 2, which is available to be downloaded in the  App Store right now .

Mega Jump for iOS and Android has gained immense popularity , the game downloaded over 45 million times. In the second part of the project will also have the players to run a small beast that seeks to heaven . Climbing to the tops of trees help him bonus coins, which give a slight acceleration . Besides coins, during the flight , you can pick up the so-called upgrades that allow small animal briefly swell in a balloon , flying with an umbrella , to acquire properties missiles .

“Help Redford and his forest friend that they , jumping , accelerating , destroying enemies and collecting tons of treasures along the way , got up to the top ! Mega Jump 2 – it’s what you like in these games , and much, much more !

Activate the Mega Fever, to earn huge points and collect coins! Collect eggs monsters to unlock secret characters with unique power ! Participate in hundreds of fun adventures! Accelerated by the mega- bonuses and fight the bad guys ! Challenge the friends and show off their records ! “.


Colorful and luscious graphics , funny voice – just before you hit the next cell . Download Mega Jump 2 and go in a completely new journey jumpers . The game is free .

Download Mega Jump 2 for iPhone, iPod touch [Direct Link]  and iPad [iTunes Link]

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