U.S. courtroom has made up our minds to shutdown  MegaUploadIt has 5 expenses in opposition to the corporate but in addition of its founders. In its determination, the Court docket important points the operation, the commercial version of the platform and condemned for having donated cash to his contributors.

The indictment is directed no longer best towards the felony entity (firm MegaUpload) but additionally in opposition to the creator of the website Dotcom Kim (or Kim Schmitz) and different "founding fathers" of the platform reminiscent of Julius Bencko, Sven Echternach, Finn Batato, Mathias Ortmann, Andrus appointed and Bram Van der Kolk. Along with closing the gate, the U.S. courtroom seeks to sentence these individuals in my opinion for his or her alleged criminal activity. 


According to the charges, all sites of the Galaxy Mega and its officers are charged with racketeering, violation Copyright, money laundering but also to have used and invested in a computer network distribution of copyrighted content without permission. They considered part of the "Mega Conspiracy" would have won no less than 175 million of dollars from the operation of the site. The Grand Jury also believes that the activity of the platform would have caused $ 500 million of damage to the cultural industry. Tenth of the sum has already been seized by the U.S. justice system, bank accounts from Washington, New Zealand or Canada. 

Immediate response of the  "anonymous" collective

The ire of the group of "anonymous" did not expect. This Friday at midnight French time, the site of the Department of Justice, that of the Universal Music Group (Megaupload enemy before the Lord), the Warner Music Group, a Hadopi (there's no reason) , the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America were inaccessible because massive computer attacks . If the order has returned an hour later, it took over an hour to the services concerned to restore these sites. 

In the night, Nicolas Sarkozy has also cracked a statement welcoming the U.S. decision: "The fight against the sites of direct download or streaming illegal, that base their business model works on piracy, is a compelling need for the preservation of cultural diversity and renewal of creation, "reports AFP.

Why is useless

This massive crackdown, indicative of international judicial cooperation unprecedented, pose, beyond its symbolic power, the question of its real utility for the problem of illegal downloading.

It seems clear that, today, flower still other sites, which generate other sites, according to the closures imposed by a particular state. Megaupload, unlike its competitors, had established itself as an institution: the famous "You Have Watched 72 minutes of video today, please wait 30 minutes", is it becoming an outdated phrase … See vintage?


How Megaupload has been closed?

I thought that Megaupload is not hosted in the United States, yet it would seem that some of the staff were there. For info, Megaupload is a company based in Hong Kong. According to rumors, Carpathia Hosting company that hosts some of the infrastructure Megaupload and this company is located in Virginia. This is also from Virginia came the complaint. Therefore relatively easy for the FBI to shut down the site (or at least, make it inaccessible temporarily) through Carpathia.

The FBI also seized 18 domain names belonging to the Galaxy Mega:

  • Megastuff.co
  • Megaworld.com
  • Megaclicks.co
  • Megastuff.info
  • Megaclicks.org
  • Megaworld.mobi
  • Megastuff.org
  • Megaclick.us
  • Mageclick.com
  • HDmegaporn.com
  • Megavkdeo.com
  • Megaupload.com
  • Megaupload.org
  • Megarotic.com
  • Megaclick.com
  • Megavideo. com
  • Megavideoclips.com
  • Megaporn.com

Who was arrested?

They are seven people and two companies (Megaupload Limited and Limited Vestor) who have been indicted in the United States. In the announcement of the FBI, Megaupload is designated as an international criminal enterprise. All these people risk 60 years in prison. Charged are:

  • Kim Kim Schmitz aka Dotcom or Jim Kim Tim Vestor, CEO of Megaupload, a resident of Hong Kong which I had reported the interview here.
  • Batato Finn, director of marketing, based in Germany
  • Julius Bencko, designer living in Slovakia
  • Sven Echternach, technical director, living between Germany and Hong Kong
  • Andrus appointed, a Estionien resident in Turkey and Estonia, which is the lead developer of the Galaxy Mega products.
  • Bram van der Kolk, alias Bramos, a Dutch living between the Netherlands and New Zealand, which manages all the infrastructure network

They were all arrested in New Zealand today, except Bencko Echternach and who are appointed at large.



What is wrong with Megaupload one?

The charges relate mainly to the failure of U.S. law against piracy. Indeed, Megaupload leaders have developed an entire business model based on the remuneration of uploaders of pirated files. For full details, I recommend reading the pavement of the FBI.

Stats Megaupload

According to the FBI, Megaupload, it was:

  • 150 million registered (and me and me and me …)
  • 50 million visitors per day.
  • 175 million dollars in revenue since 09/2005 (25 million in advertising and $ 150 million with the premium subscription)
  • Donated $ 110 million between 2006 and 2011 on a PayPal account (used to pay suppliers)
  • $ 42 million just for the potato Kim Dotcom
  • 25 petabytes of data hosted in Carpathia Hosting, over 1000 servers with 525 in Ashburn, Virginia
  • Servers in France accessible via the transit provider Cogent
  • 630 servers hosted by the host Dutch Leaseweb
  • A bill for server hosting and bandwidth of 65 million since 2005
  • 30 employees in 9 countries

(Figures found Numerama)

Is Megaupload returning?

I doubt it … saw that Kim was arrested, it seems over … You can write off your premium subscription.

Do we go to jail because we had premium accounts with Megaupload?

Frankly, I don't think so … Unless they start to build a prison for 150 million people using those type of website,  So do not worry, I'll keep you posted.

Does it have to be sad?

No … There are still thousands of sites that do exactly the same thing as Megaupload. Some will be afraid and close in the coming days, but others will take the place of Megaupload fairly quickly.


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