Meta Watch Smartphone watch deals an alternative choice to Pebble


The makers  watch Meta Watch smartphone have launched a brand new model of their building device through making it conceivable to pair a watch  with the iPhone via Bluetooth 4.0. This allows developers to develop apps for the watch that compete with the Pebble, another watch that recently more than $10 million through Kickstarter that they managed to collect.

The Meta Watch, like the Pebble a motion sensor and a vibration motor. This would in theory as much as possible with the watch with the Pebble. A developer would develop an app that exchanges information with the watch, for example, some messages so you can read on your wrist. For example, an app like Runkeeper to integrate the watch, so you will see how fast you run and how far you have to.

Although the Pebble recently managed to book a big success, the Meta Watch anything on the market earlier. The watch is already available from this month, while the first Pebbles until september sent. On the other hand, the Meta Watch a lot more expensive: you pay $199 for the watch, while the Pebble will cost $ 150 when it is sold outside kick. In addition, extensive support for app developers to integrate the watch, something that at the now much-discussed Pebble seems more likely.


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