metaphrasebannerIn Cydia debuted utility for instant translate text on your device. No matter what you do – write a letter or message , reads an article or book on your iPhone or iPad, a new tweak will help you quickly find translating unfamiliar words , understand the phrase or text. A utility called Metaphrase available on mobile devices with jailbreak .

Metaphrase enjoy easy and convenient. All that is required – to select an unknown word , phrase or paragraph to cause a standard iOS 7 menu. After selecting the Translate, instantly transfer appears using the pop-up window. Any text on the screen device can be translated into 81 languages ​​.

Metaphrase developer says that the superstructure will be useful to study foreign languages ​​, and those who own them. It will help when reading books and articles , when you need to catch the meaning of individual words or whole sentences . Tweak and convenient to use for writing letters to find the translation of the forgotten or unknown word .

To install Metaphrase need jailbreak and access to the store Cydia – the program is presented in the form of jailbreak package.  Metaphrase is compatible with devices running on iOS 7 and above. Download from Cydia repo for $0.99

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