Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, computer graphics of two former CEOs

WebDesignShock provides a graphic summary of many life course in general terms the two former CEOs who were at the head

Install Windows 8 on your Mac with Boot Camp

Microsoft released a first developer preview of Windows 8 and made available for download.Of course, many potential customers want to test

iPad 2 on iOS 5 vs Windows 8 Slate

Microsoft officially introduced Windows 8 to the whole world. Windows 8, certainly, but above the touch pad to the first board, a shelf designed by Samsung

Thunderbolt Landed on Windows PCs!

Thunderbolt is a technology that in its announcement left no one indifferent. Many of us have to drool in front of the demonstration videos

How to Install Windows Developer 8 Preview Without Damaging Your Computer

Windows 8 Developer Preview is available for download in version 32-bit and 64-bit . How to install Windows Developer 8 Preview on VritualBox, Vmware

Obtain Developer Home windows eight Preview

Windows 8 is available today! The most curious and impatient can now download a preview version, However.. the new features of Windows 8 .

BSOD: Windows 8 Blue Screen of Death

The famous Microsoft windows Blue Screen of Death, BSoD rocked the youth of many of the Geeks. We remember with emotion the first blue screen

Windows 8: Qualcomm’s Snapdragon and Nvidia “Kal-El + “

Disclosed during the BUILD Microsoft about Windows 8 did not fail to arouse in him a certain excitement.

Microsoft BUILD: Overview of Windows 8 video and live on the web!

BUILD,The conference organized by Microsoft to communicate effectively about the products and services might be about Windows 8

Windows 8 Super fast boot! [Video]

Microsoft has realized it was time to make an effort on that's just a laptop running Windows 8 and able to start in ... 5 or 6 seconds

Internet Explorer collapsed soon, overtaken by Chrome?

Internet Explorer is getting more and more difficult to convince and attract visitors.. it's been several years since the Microsoft web browser

Windows 8: Microsoft Features the App Store

Blog on the brand new Windows 8, a senior Microsoft suggests the arrival of an application store dedicated to the new OS

Google: Apple leads hostile action against Android

Vice President David Drummond of Google can be an official Google blog post, worried about the patent policy that Apple, Microsoft

Microsoft Office 2011: an update soon for Mac OS X Lion

the coolest features of Mac OS X Lion is Auto Save. Microsoft is preparing an update for Office 2011 , soon in Word, Excel or PowerPoint.