cortanaPreparing to release Windows Phone 8.1 update will bring Cortana voice assistant, which is similar to familiar to most users of the iPhone and iPad a personal assistant Siri.

First rumors that Windows Phone 8.1 will be enabled Cortana, appeared in September last year. But now, sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans told what a voice assistant , which is designed to replace the function of the Bing search in Windows Phone 8.1. As previously reported, Microsoft voice assistant was named after a character from the game series Halo, but in Windows Phone shows it will be in the form of a circular icon , which will be highlighted during the execution of a specific command Cortana .

Exactly the same as Siri, Cortana gives the user the opportunity to choose the name or nickname that voice assistant will use to refer to it . During tuning function the user needs to answer some questions about their eating habits , sports, news , etc.

One of the key features is the ability to Cortana voice assistant is pleased to keep different information (data about location, habits, different kinds of contact information and reminders ) in the Notebook. Moreover , Cortana can track plane flights and other important events in e-mails with the purpose of providing the user with important notifications in Google Now. In order to provide various kinds of contextual information Cortana voice assistant will be based on data from services such as Bing and Foursquare.

It is expected that Microsoft will provide voice assistant from Windows Phone 8.1 in the upcoming Build conference in 2014 . At the same time is expected to yield an OS upgrade for developers.

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