Microsoft Announced Visual Studio For Mac Prematurely



The arrival of Microsoft Visual Studio can be a reality very soon in the Mac and is that the company Microsoft could launch it for the Mac very soon. At first Bill Gates himself was reluctant to lend this software to Apple and all those users who wanted to use it was to use it on a PC or creating a virtual machine on the Mac. No confirmed data despite the leak On the Redmond guys website, but it stands to reason that the IDE for Mac is not going to have all the features it has available in Windows, this is obvious.

Here’s a screenshot of Visual Studio on



Now after all this time in which Mac users have had to look for life to be able to use it on their computers, they have before it a new possibility that seen coldly already touched. In addition, this Visual Studio for Macs will support C# and F# so it will allow developers to create web sites and applications from Macs more easily.

For now, what we have is the Microsoft Connect event that is held from November 16 to 18 and possibly where there will be news of the arrival of Microsoft Visual Studio on Mac. The arrival of this development suite to the Mac is Without a doubt something to take into account since it is an important step for programmers who surely see the possible arrival of this software.

[Source: MSDN (cached)]

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