After the Home windows floor drugs, lately Microsoft is going to demonstrate to the public and the future of its mobile operating system, Windows Phone: today at  10 EST , the presentation in which will be discussed in a Windows Phone 8. Windows Phone 8, as suggested by experts to be built on Windows NT, and will apparently differ little from the current version of Windows Phone 7.5 – the main changes will be just in the nucleus.


During the presentation, we will likely find the answers to a number of issues of issues, in particular, whether the application of the WP7 WP8 immediately compatible with the devices and whether already published on Mango OS upgrade to a newer version. That is what will Microsoft on its presentation depends on what the future of the mobile company and whether it will do.

To all those who want to learn first hand details about the future plans of competitors Apple, we propose to join our line of text broadcast of the presentation, which will start at  at 12PM EST, 9AM PST .

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