Microsoft Applauds Windows RT jailbreak



Last week, a group of hackers announced the successful jailbreak of the  Windows RT operating system. Hacking Microsoft’s mobile platform has allowed to run on tablets Surface software designed for the desktop version of Windows 8.

It is noteworthy that in contrast to Apple Inc. from Redmond hackers praised for what they have done the work on breaking the operating system. Be that as it may, just take and run classic software even jailbroken Windows RT  thought to be impossible.

Application developers will have to prepare a special assembly for the ARM-architecture. This news comes after the campaign “We want to open iOS”, launched hacker Pod2g. Developers publicly asked Apple to open a wider set of libraries and SDK API, allows you to make modifications to the program shell and iOS itself without hacking the firmware, as the company with each update to complicate the process of jailbreaking your mobile OS.



In the meantime, Microsoft has introduced that the vulnerability that allowed hackers to jailbreak Home windows, will quickly be closed. Unlocking is an efficient factor, however it endangers the steadiness and safety of the device.

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