Microsoft BUILD: Overview of Windows 8 video and live on the web!


BUILD, The well-known annual convention geared up through Microsoft to communicate more effectively about the products and services to come. In other words, might about Windows 8 in the coming days and this will certainly not likely to enthuse all those who have remained loyal to the firm. Yes and in fact, if the topic interests you, know that the opening Keynote will begin in a few minutes and you'll obviously be able to look on the web! Although it may give severe …


Further recall that Microsoft BUILD lasted something like two days, the public opening is scheduled … um … now! However, be aware that the press was received by Microsoft since yesterday. The firm also has the opportunity to unveil the broad outlines of the ads that will be made ​​and that will certainly not likely to shake the web (at least hopefully) . And if you have not already heard or read about, know that this is perfectly normal as all those who attended the press day had to sign a nondisclosure agreement. Rhoo, even they did not have the right to leave the SLR or camcorder. Too hard.

Of course, we already know more or less what it should be no question. It's been several weeks that the rumors about it and it might as well as Microsoft unveils the first touch pad to runWindows 8 or the famous store of applications to be integrated into the next version of its operating system. Not to mention Protogon, which would incorporate the features of WinFS … Furthermore, it should also learn a bit more about it and maybe even discover a new strategy of the firm. 

In short, if you want to follow the keynote live, it's not complicated because it will be broadcast on the official website of BUILD 


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