hololens microsoft

hololens microsoft

Not long ago Microsoft announced the acquisition of the developer of Minecraft, and E3 2015 has been the first major intervention of the Redmond  company for the Minecraft world: its unique combination with Hololens, augmented reality device that Microsoft usHe introduced a few months ago and bringing this game to another dimension. Literally.

Microsoft in January showed how their augmented reality glasses HoloLens may be an excellent platform to enjoy Minecraft. Now, Microsoft announces that they have been developing a version of Minecraft specially designed for HoloLens.

The new Minecraft allows the user to turn the game HoloLens in a kind of ‘hologram’ on an area of ​​your (real) world to interact and control the world with a control, gestures and your voice.

Microsoft made the E3 show in 2015 to create a world of Minecraft on a table, similar to what the company did in January.

In Minecraft with Hololens player can display Minecraft game and play it on any surface projecting the game as if we were enjoying a projector, but it is also possible to access a creative way which already exist in the much more powerful videogame.

The world created on the table allowed the user could see different structures within the game, come to see the world in more detail and to move with gestures.

Most interactions were performed using voice commands, but we could also see the traditional gesture of HoloLens, lifting the index finger and then lowering it – similar to the movement that made the Chavo del 8 with its famous phrase “That, that, that … “, but only when performing the movement.

Although Microsoft did not disclose a release date or price HoloLens or Minecraft, the company said it will reveal more details of Minecraft for MINECON HoloLens in 2015, Minecraft conference to be held in early July.

Moreover, Microsoft also announced a partnership with Valve to boost VR virtual reality, just days after Microsoft perform other agreement with Oculus VR.

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