Launched in November 2008, whereas many clones of  Twitter already dreamed of being a small position within the solar Californian micro-blah in actual time , the social community Yammer used to be right away explored a special course: to supply a roughly skilled Twitter reserved for firms.

Success came quickly to rendezvous since Yammer claims to date, five million registered members and professionals a pretty impressive penetration rate of 85% in the five hundred largest American companies.

So the rumor of a takeover by a giant of the industry was running for some time, and there was much talk of Microsoft. The Redmond company has confirmed the acquisition, to the tune of 1.2 billion. 1 billion you got nothing, but you got to 1.2 Yammer.

According to Steve Ballmer, Microsoft CEO, Yammer should be integrated "as a fundamental component" of Microsoft Office, which would thus be able to offer its customers solutions for rapid deployment of internal social network, although the service will continue to operate under its own name.


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