Microsoft confirms Cortana for IOS and Android



It was in March when we reported that Microsoft may be planning to take their virtual assistant Cortana to other platforms, which involved a division of opinion among users of Windows Phone mobile platform. Today the Redmond company makes on its official Windows blog that Cortana may be installed on iOS and Android, as a standalone application and for free.

While that was the last to arrive, it is also true that it has earned a place in the hearts of many of us and more than once have wanted to have some sympathetic little voice of Cortana on your iOS and Android phone.

Well, it seems that Microsoft has heard your prayers and, after announcing that the voice assistant would be available for Android and iOS, unveiled today that we are less than a month to enjoy his voice assistant in our Android devices.

Not as powerful, but equally interesting

Although we can enjoy the main features of Cortana, as expected we will not be able to have the same potential showing the voice assistant in Windows Phone version.

Cortana will show notifications about sports scores, flights, climate and, ultimately, practically all notifications displayed on your version of Windows, but Microsoft warns that some of the features of the original Cortana can not be ported to Android because it does not have the necessary permissions.

So, Cortana not be able to turn on and off the bluetooth or opening applications, at least at first. In addition, it will not be possible to call Cortana with a “Hey, Cortana” to activate without touching your phone.

Cortana for android

Nevertheless, this news we expected many users, because although Google Now is wonderful and very effective, the fact is that in some situations it is not as interesting as Siri or Cortana, who have their own charm thanks to Being Attendees more “human” than the Google option.


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