The Display Dock accessory from Microsoft, to display the contents on a computer screen of a smartphone Lumia Windows 10, will be sold in the US at $ 99 price. It should support new Lumia 950 and XL 950 at their output in the month of November.

Last week, during the presentation of its new products, Microsoft unveiled the Display Dock, a small accessory that connects smartphones like the new Lumia 950 and XL 950 to a computer monitor or a TV. The goal: to “work” on his smartphone as from a tablet or a real computer.



At the time of this presentation, the Redmond giant had mentioned neither price nor availability date for this Display Dock. Nothing official today, but an indiscretion Computerworld lets us know the United States will be charged $ 99. We can expect a similar rate or slightly higher in euro for Europe and France. By cons, no additional information on the availability. But knowing that the Lumia 950 and XL 950 should be marketed in November, we imagine that the Display Dock is likely to accompany them, as an accessory dedicated. About the size of a cigarette pack, Microsoft’s Dock Display has a fairly complete connectivity with USB ports, a USB Type-C jack, HDMI output and DisplayPort.

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