Microsoft earns more money with Android SmartPhones


With each and every sale of a smartphone Android. This excellent step for Microsoft ,a few of its patents are used inside the Google OS. With each and every sale of a smartphone Android, Microsoft richer. This excellent step for Microsoft is that a number of of its patents are used throughout the Google OS.

In accordance , Microsoft will take cash from as a minimum 5 Android smartphones producers. The deal could seem stunning, however bear in mind that the Android machine operates various patents filed via the Redmond firm.


The software giant had already responded by denouncing the free system by attacking Google and some manufacturers such as Motorola. Do not stop in so good way, Microsoft gets a well agreement with HTC . Instead of asking between $ 7.50 and $ 12.50 per mobile sold, both companies have agreed on the basis of $ 5, which represents a substantial sum on the number of total sales. Since these events, other comparisons were made ​​with General Dynamics, Onkyo Corp., and Velocity Micro. The common thread between these three manufacturers? They sell each device running Android. Once we better understand how Microsoft is expected to earn more money with patents rather than its Android OS Windows Phone 7.

$15 from each  Android phone sold, that's what Microsoft would collect from Samsung for the payment of license fees . A day in Asia, the Maeil Business, taken by Reuters said that Samsung would negotiate a price closer to $10 in exchange for a partnership tighten on the Windows platform.
Samsung uses Windows on his laptop and is simultaneously engaged behind Windows 7 Phone and Android (not to mention his Bada house). This weekend also, Windows Phone News pointed reference to the site of a future consortium Bluetooth Samsung smartphone that would work with WP7 "Mango" and whose technical characteristics are close to the Galaxy II S (Android).
Microsoft thus finds itself in a unique position where he fight against Android, but also derives revenues from this OS. Thanks to the patent on which the publisher has managed to bring more manufacturers to pay him royalties. All are not leading but HTC still counts among them.
A strategy that would be two-pronged: the second would be to temper the enthusiasm of manufacturers focusing on Android should consider this tithe in their room (read Microsoft would have earned more money with Android Phone with Windows 7 ).

While there ready to Samsung sales volumes for the quarter increased from approximately 19 million smartphones, it can be a tidy sum, received effortless for Microsoft. And at this level, every dollar traded account.

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