Microsoft just delete the temporary name, Project Spartan, to baptize definitively a successor to controversial Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge is the new name to visit pages and web services by default whenever a computer with Windows 10. It also called that if a mobile phone or tablet with the same operating system used is used.

The Redmond giant has unveiled plans for the annual developer conference. Among the highlights of Edge is the inclusion of tools to facilitate the reading, or the option to annotate and highlight text on pages.

A detail too reminiscent Google Chrome is that the navigation bar is used to type the URL (web address) to make searches much. Also to know what the weather does or how the action of a listed company. Use can also be through voice, Cortana Edge integrates the Microsoft voice assistant, Siri equivalent to Apple or Google Now.


Early reviews among attendees is that, regardless of what the logo continuity, again the letter “e”, something more stylized, in blue, remember too the ancient and controversial Internet Explorer. Both the operational and aesthetics. Still, there are barely edges, so that gains prominence content and the amount of buttons is less.

For now, the only option to try the new browser happens to use an experimental version of Windows 10. Explorer was the standard in the first generation of browsers, after the arrival of Netscape. Version 6 was, undoubtedly, the most reviled and the object of derision.

Netmarketshare provided a 59% market share in 2014 to Explorer, leader, compared to Chrome and Firefox, far from Apple’s Safari.

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