Microsoft signals end of Nokia experiment, cuts 1850 jobs


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Microsoft’s experiment as mobile phone manufacturer, for which was made with Nokia in 2013, is history. The company has just announced a new major cut in its mobile unit, in a move that will involve an expenditure of 950 million dollars and leaving 1,850 workers, 1,300 of them are in the Finnish subsidiary while another 500 are part of the global template. It is the almost final departure of Microsoft’s mobile consumer market.

In an internal memo sent to employees, Microsoft reveals in part what are your future plans for the smartphone market, especially in light of the recent sale of the department “Nokia Mobile” acquired long ago.


After sale of Nokia Mobile took place last week, many have questioned whether Microsoft still plans to create its own smartphone. The answer comes from the paper published a few hours ago: Terry Myerson, head of Windows and Microsoft devices, wrote that the company is operating a hardware scaling with respect to the smartphone world (1850 planned job cuts), but that “fantastic and new devices “are being developed.” Myerson does not know when we will see these new devices, but it appears that in 2017 we will see the first Surface Phone. Microsoft has completely abandoned the Lumia line, which will no longer be updated, unless sensational.

This new announcement marks the definitive end to the experiment of Nokia, one recent movements performed by Steve Ballmer within the company before his departure. The deal, closed in 2013, has never had the approval of Satya Nadella, who since his arrival in the direction opted for a change of strategy was to bring services Microsoft to Android and iOS devices, rather than bet on hardware. Today’s decision is a further confirmation of that strategy. The new CEO of the company and ran down 7,800 employees almost a year ago, a move that left in diapers mobile division and anticipating the outcome is confirmed today.

Source: Microsoft

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