Microsoft change trojan horse present in iOS 6



It took quite a long time in itself, but now it finally happened. The first Fortune 500 company has recommended employees not to switch to iOS 6 because there is an issue with Microsoft Exchange Meeting Invitation feature does not work properly. Many companies, however, build on just such things.

iOS 6 is still a relatively new operating system in which the teething problems have been removed not, of course. For this reason, now one of the Fortune 500 companies, has advised its employees to skip the update for now. The reason is a bug in Microsoft Exchange. Instead of sending a note to all members of a group that sent the app outlet recommendations from the group.

Information Technology Notice

To: Mobile device users who connect personal Apple mobile devices (iPhone, iPad, etc) with company email.

What: On September 27, IT notified you of an intermittent issue caused when calendar appointments are declined from devices running the latest Apple operating system (iOS 6). Apple and Microsoft are providing IT with daily updates on their progress toward a resolution.

Impact: When appointments are declined from an Apple mobile device running iOS 6, a cancellation is sometimes sent to all meeting attendees instead of sending a decline notice to the meeting organizer.

Action to take: Do not upgrade your Apple mobile device to iOS 6. If you have an iPhone 5 or have already upgraded a device to iOS 6, please do not accept or decline calendar appointments from your Apple device until further notice.

Who has yet been updated to the latest version of iOS, the move should not miss the calendar appointments without further information. This would have the effect that they would be lost sometimes irrevocably. A nightmare for any businessman whose calendar is as thick as a Chinese phone book.

So far, the companies involved should have been neither Apple nor Microsoft decision. Especially Apple should have at present to do but enough. With the mending of the Apple OS Especially the newly developed maps service Apple Maps generated excitement and negative criticism.
[via MacRumors]

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