Apparently Microsoft still stretched out feelers towards Android from. Information of the Insiders and industry connoisseur Paul Thurrott According to the Redmond company plan later this week to support Android apps on Windows 10 officially announce. The notification is therefore during the BUILD Conference held – and should provide for more than a few developers for resentment.

“If you can not defeat an enemy, then you make him a friend.” – This folk wisdom seems to have taken with regard to the competition in the form of Android to the heart Microsoft. With hardware manufacturers like Samsung and Dell, the Redmond have already entered into agreements to increase the popularity of Microsoft apps in the Android range. Recently even a cooperation with the software developer Cyanogen Inc. has been received, which includes among other things an improved native integration of Microsoft Apps in the commercial version of CyanogenMod. The next big step will probably not have to wait too long in coming, because as Microsoft insider Paul Thurrott reports, there will be on the currently held BUILD Conference Microsoft an explosive announcement.


The next version of the operating system from Microsoft, Windows 10 will, therefore, receive an official support for Android apps. This applies not only for the desktop version, for which there is various emulators like BlueStacks and Andy are already in the current version, but probably also for the mobile version – so for smartphones and tablets. Gives precise details about the way the integration and distribution of Android apps on Windows 10 is not yet; Microsoft may be such as to provide appropriate interfaces for the integration of third-party stores the Amazon App Store. An even more radical step would be directly in the Windows Store to offer compatible Android apps along with their regular Windows applications. This could ChromeOS snatch an exclusive advantage. There is the use of Android apps on the Arc Welder plug, launched for some time.

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