On the Build developers’ conference in San Francisco Microsoft today announced the free editor Visual Studio presents code for OS X, Linux and Windows. In order for the Visual Studio family is the first time no longer limited only to Windows.

The presented on the Build 2015 Preview of Visual Studio code is now available for free. A first look behind the scenes of code shows that the editor is based on atomic or Electron.

Microsoft’s goal with the introduction of platform-overarching editor it was not to force the developers to use Windows, but to support them on their own platform. Many developers enough a normal editor and do not need a complete development environment like Visual Studio. This environment continues to be deprived of Windows users.

Code support, among other integrated syntax highlighting of C ++, jade, PHP, Python, XML, batch, F #, DockerFile, Coffee scripts, Java, Handlebars, R, Objective-C, PowerShell, Luna, Visual Basic and Markdown. Also Node.js and ASP.NET 5 are supported An integrated Git support is also included.

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