Microsoft-Modern-KEyboard-hiddeng-finferprint-sensorMicrosoft presented a wireless modern keyboard integrated with Fingerprint sensor,  reported by Engadget. The modern keyboard priced at $129.99 has a slim design and notebook style keys that closely reminds us of Apple keyboards. After presenting MacBooks with Touch Bar and Touch ID, many  were ready to bet that Apple would have introduced a keyboard for desktop machines with built-in comfort and security of the Touch ID sensor.

The Touch ID is one of the features Apple customers have learned to know and appreciate on their iPhone and iPad. Once you have fingerprinted with Touch ID on your MacBook Pro, you can quickly unlock your Mac, switch from one user account to another, and make secure purchases with Apple Pay on the web with just one touch.

The Redmond multinational modern keyboard with Fingerprint ID is equipped with a fingerprint reader that works with Windows Hello, a system that lets you access Windows 10 devices with a glance or touch. Once configured, you can access Windows by pressing a button, a mode that, according to Microsoft, is “faster and safer than a password”.

The keyboard measures 420.9 x 112.6 x 19.3 mm, weighs 419.3 grams and includes 2 rechargeable AAA batteries, which guarantee a two-month operation. To use Microsoft Modern Keyboard with Fingerprint ID, your PC must be upgraded to Windows 10 or later and Bluetooth 4.0 LE or later. In the Microsoft technical specification, the keyboard is compatible with Android devices (4.4.2 – 50), Macs (Mac OS 10.10.5 or later), iOS devices (iOS 8.1 and later). “Coupled” devices must support Bluetooth 4 or later.

The fingerprint sensor obviously only works on computers with Windows; For the rest it is a very similar Apple keyboard that can be used just like any other wireless keyboard.

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