Microsoft introduced Windows 10



The main competitor of Apple in the PC market, the company Microsoft, yesterday presented to the public a new version of the operating system Windows. The new generation of “windows” was named Windows 10 and adapted primarily for use on normal non-touch screen. In Microsoft did a great job, so that the operating system can overshadow a bad release of Windows 8, and return the lost trust of users.

imageMicrosoft really missed the top corner in the numbering versions of Windows. According to Joe Belfiore, responsible for the development of the operating system, a dozen emphasizes the progress that has been made. Well, next year the market will be just two operating systems with the number 10 in the title: OS X and Windows 10. the question from the audience, whether Microsoft has no plans to use the title of operating systems of animals, followed by a negative response.

imageWindows 10 – it is a single platform on which to create all of the devices from smart phones and tablets to PCs and touch panels. Of course, the interface at the same time will be different and adapt to the specific device. One way or another, but all smart phones with a display of 4 inches can use Windows 10.

Microsoft passed gently rake planted more of Windows 8, and implemented a separate interface for touch screen computers and free from such. Emphasis is placed on the latter. Back “Start” menu, which now found a place tiles and traditional elements. All user activity is still concentrated on the desktop, which can now be several, each with its own set of programs. In Microsoft emphasized that Windows 10 is the successor to Windows 7, ideas, comparing the transition from the last to the acquisition of Tesla after the Toyota Prius.image

Windows 10 will receive a host of other improvements aimed at enhancing comfort and improving the existing functions. That there is only the appearance of the copy and paste the command line. I’m sure many users could previously only dream about such opportunities “out of the box.” All versions of Windows 10 will have a single app store, many of which can run on a variety of devices. Appears full-screen mode programs. Borrowed from Microsoft and Mission Control mode with a demonstration of windows of all running programs. In Windows 10, it is called the Task View.

imageUsing the touch screen or tablet Windows 10 will use a different interface, where right on your desktop will tile, and advanced users will be able to work with windows instead of full-screen mode with a few caveats in Windows 8. In general, Microsoft has worked hard to improve usability in all scenarios use of the operating system.

Today starts the program Windows Insider Program. The program featured members will have access to the technology preview release of Windows 10. operating system is scheduled for 2015, and more than the exact date will be announced in April next year. A new version of Windows also expects support for a decade – it is standard policy Microsoft. According to the presentation, we can say that in Redmond really done serious work on the bugs and Windows 10 should be very much improved version of Windows 7.

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