During the Microsoft the press conference, the company announced the Windows  8.1 on a HDMI stick. Microsoft has already published an universal app that can be used in a variety of devices and Windows 10 bars for this purpose. Furthermore, with respect to hardware consists of a portfolio of various types and price points and devices, Samsung, LG etc. are induced global company ever to participate in this ecosystem, as well as to the domestic OEM manufacturers.


This Windows 8.1 HDMI is going to be released in May, equipped with a memory storage of 16GB ~ 32GB, depending on the model, was equipped with Windows 8.1 operating system. The course also supports wireless connections such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The size is about 11cm, is similar to the one introduced in Google Chrome cast. Simply connect the HDMI jack on your TV can use the TV in the living room like a PC. Windows Tablet PC is a low-end performance level, the expected market price is about 10 million won.


In fact, this is not a big stick-PC is an amazing product from the performance or functionality of the device itself. However, this device can be seen as sufficient to provide a “diversity of the window unit” and “consistent user experience” Microsoft  highlighted. You can view the Windows screen, laptop or desktop only in the living room TV, can be used in the production of various kinds of entertainment or simple task.

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