Xbox One,  the next generation of Microsoft console will be available with 15 exclusive games, eight of which will be a completely new series. This is Microsoft officials said at the presentation of Xbox One on May 21.

We already know the name of at least two exclusives: the driving simulator Forza Motorsport 5 of Turn 10 Studios, which will go on sale simultaneously with the Xbox One, as well as project Quantum Break from studio Remedy, which created Max Payne and Alan Wake. When it is next-generation console will go on sale, is not specified. However, during the presentation of Xbox One, it was announced that the console will be released before the end of 2013.

The xBox One requires the Kinect is connected to operate


The new console receives voice commands to all functions. To say “xBox” before any command, the system automatically means you’re trying to talk to him. xBox On  turn on the console,  xBox Play Music, Watch ESPN or TV respectively opens whatever you ask. xBox open Internet Explorer  also serves to open Applications .  xBox Snap “Application name  lets you have video and one quarter of the screen the application you requested. If you’re watching a sport game on ESPN, you can open the Fantasy and the scores that  show xBox Fantasy .


These are some of the voice command functions, xBox also has a new version of Skype which was presented for the first time and you can create group calls. With voice commands you can answer or reject calls. All this sounds great, the reality is worse it has its repercussions. This new generation of Microsoft console requires the Kinect is connected at all times to the console or this will not work. This as IGN confirmed in an interview with the UK marketing chief.

“Kinect does require to be connected to Xbox One in all cases, yes …”

Fortunately all xBox Kinect One bring one new generation included. Even the detail is not very clear to me, having the Kinect connected at all times it seems silly because I see it more for voice commands. But we shall see when we have one in your hands or when the E3 and someone will get my hands on and tell us.


XBox software also received some changes but not so different from the actual. We see now is black background while you browse simplest way to different sections of the Dashboard using voice commands. There is a specific command is ordered as xBox Go Home  and this takes you to the home screen of the Dashboard. In addition to this, Microsoft also has an integrated program guide for speech-driven search and management of the TV channels in addition xBox One has a feature called Game DVR that can record video of games and then share them through xBox Live or elsewhere. It should be noted that integration with SmartGlass has been improved and will allow you to continue to control your xBox with your Smartphone or Tablet.


This is the first console that Microsoft makes for entertainment. During the past saw as the company added more and more features to your xBox 360 in terms of software but the console itself could not be able to offer this experience expanded. Putting entertainment aside, Microsoft gave way to show their Gamer.  The company tore the stage inviting the CEO of EA Sports who announced and presented progress of EA Games titles  NBA Live, FIFA, UFC, and Madden.  Forza May returns to the xBox as exclusive title will be available for release at the end of 2013.

The new xBox One can not play xBox 360 games


The following  Activision’s recreation Name Of Responsibility: Ghosts, developed for xBox One and Unique content material for the brand new console. Microsoft promised to indicate extra about video games at E3 which is simplest 19 days of starting. Wreck Quantum used to be presented on stage with the aid of providing a mixture of TV and Recreation however in reality I am now not keen on this sort of “Crossover”, TV is TV and gaming is gaming, so I don’t like in any respect this presentation.

Ultimately Microsoft introduced a partnership with the NFL that places the console as the primary interactive expertise to view the Soccer. It’s probably that for the season which begins for the month of September, and we’ve an idea for the brand new console when it launches. Date is more likely to be nearer to Christmas. No value talked about the rest to this point however the firm may just point out one thing at E3.

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