Microsoft’s event today many new features were introduced, the new Surface studio as great protagonist. The new computer all in one is a new commitment by the hardware designed by the company itself, which continues to grow as service in the cloud and online. During the conference before Anglo-Saxon media, Microsoft has renewed its line of Surface hardware, has shown the next update of Windows 10 and has also shed some light on its leading projects, HoloLends and Project Scorpio.

“It’s more than just a PC,” said Panos Panay in the introduction, vice president in charge of Microsoft Surface devices, “this machine is built to transform creation.” The idea is simple: create the worktable in a study. Products, says the executive, “help give life to ideas” and to this end develops a computer “offers unlimited possibilities to the imagination.”


The Surface Studio starting price is offered at $2999, aims to make a difference in the PC market, creating a new category as the Surface Pro with tablets. “No he tried to make another personal computer,” he said.  Microsoft presents, in fact, as the best asset that will pair the creators of digital content to give life to ideas.

Surface Book

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, said that in recent years proliferated multitude of consumer-oriented products. However, he believes that the next phase will be dominated by the creation and thus ensures that the PC remains an essential tool to respond to the “innate desire to create, connect and express themselves.”

Surface Book i7

Microsoft also doubles the performance Surface Book to make it more versatile. “Users asked us more and here it is,” said Panos. The device will have up to 16 hours of battery life. “There is nothing comparable on the market,” says the executive. The new model, with a more refined design, cost to $2399. Surface base starts at $899.


Last year, with the introduction of portable Surface Book, and the former with the presentation of the Surface Pro 3, things seem to fit into Microsoft. From Redmond can now boast that your laptop has the best ratings from customers for a portable, either a PC or a Mac.

The presentation of Microsoft was held on the eve of his archenemy Apple enter new for iPad and Mac. While sales of hybrid tablets recorded an increase of 38% last quarter when compared with a year ago , computers apple company contracted by 14% and 9% tablets.

Microsoft puts the highest Cupertino maker in the high-end market, for professional use ribbon. Apple’s business also is being damaged by low cost devices Alphabet Chromebook. Investors, in fact, are paying close attention to the movements in this part of the business now beginning to stabilize.

Windows for creators

The bridge between the real and the virtual is the operating system. Microsoft presented the first details of the next update of Windows 10, scheduled for spring 2017. It called Creators Update. As explained by Terry Myerson, each user has a different interest in using the computer. The next step in the evolution of the platform is to improve the experience in virtual reality.


To do this, put productivity applications Paint and PowerPoint to an evolution towards 3D creation, simplifying their use and making it more intuitive. “Our world is three-dimensional,” said Megan Saunders. The two programs can easily include three-dimensional scans of real objects, exported from Minecraft or communities as SketchUp.

Updating Windows 10 also give more power to the experience with HoleLends by creating virtual spaces or combine them with real scenarios. Microsoft’s operating system has more than one billion users worldwide. The aim with this evolution is reaching new generations, who have a different perception of content creation.

Microsoft bet so heavily on virtual reality. To democratize these “effects” offers augmented reality glasses HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Acer a starting price of $299. All these devices integrate sensors to identify the environment. The operating system update improves creating parallel competitions in the gaming platform Xbox Live.

The Windows 10 Creators also will simplify the way in which the content, to unite in the taskbar a single mailbox that integrates all platforms used to communicate each contact is shared. In this way, it seeks to prevent important messages get lost among the multitude of social networks complicate communication.

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