In the past,  many rumors pointed that Windows could run Android applications, sparking an interesting discussion among users, however, Microsoft surprised everyone by announcing something much more ambitious, creating two projects to help and facilitate developers to bring applications developed for iOS and / or Android to Windows platform, these projects were given the names of Islandwood Project and Astoria, respectively Project.

The Astoria Project is aimed at Android developers, while Islandwood is designed for iOS, this last today we learned that adopts a new name for iOS Windows bridge, which makes clear his intention to serve as a bridge between iOS and Windows applications.


Salman Ahmed, program manager, today announced the new name and has also announced that this is already provided in open source (Open Source) in a first version which can be accessed on GitHub, the final version is planned to be available in Fall.

Windows bridge for iOS is in a very early stage and in full development, currently only supports applications for Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 with x86 and x64 processors, but they are working so late in the summer to provide support for ARM and mobile architectures. If you want to see more about this ad, you can do in Windows Blog

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