Microsoft is developing its own smartphone in case its partners fail


windows_phone_logoMicrosoft would like emergency develop its own smartphone. The giant does this in case its partners fail in obtaining the necessary market share with Windows Phone 8.

The reason behind the development of its own smartphone by Microsoft by Bloomberg unveiled. The business site relies on internal sources with knowledge of the strategy of the company. According to Bloomberg,  designs indeed its own smartphone and let it again by an Asian OEM produce, like her Surface tablet. The reason would be that when Nokia, HTC and Samsung fail to adequately capture market share with their Windows Phone 8 smartphones,  above all, Microsoft still need to be taken care of. Bloomberg let it hinted that the Redmond company currently have enough confidence in its partners. The development of its own smartphone is just a backup plan, said the sources to the website.

CEO Steve Ballmer stated to Reuters that he expects the sales of Windows Phone smartphones in the quarter and in the first quarter of 2013 are going to take a bird’s eye. Currently, Windows Phone has a global market share of around 4 percent. In the other countries, the market share of between 1 and 2 percent in the sales of smartphones.

Anonymous Asian Suppliers confirm, according to the Wall Street Journalthe smartphone is now being tested. It is not yet clear whether the company’s phone will feature a screen of 10 to 13 cm will be produce on a large scale.

Rumors of a smartphone has been around since the announcement of the Surface tablet for months. The Redmond firm itself has nonetheless has now not established the rumors, almost definitely for industry companions like Nokia  to not offended.

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