Microsoft job listing hints iOS Office apps


Microsoft is planning a model of its Place of business suite for Apple's iOS devices? Corresponding rumors for quite some time, and in May it was said that Office for IOS and Android will appear in November. A new Microsoft job ad was another hint in pointed to that direction.


Job Category: Software Engineering: Test

Location: Mountain View, CA, US

Job ID: 791567-79632

Division: Microsoft Office Division

The MacBU Group at the Silicon Valley Campus is looking for a talented Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) with a strong technical background to join the Outlook Test team. YOu will work very closely with the Development team on the design, implementation, & testing of new feature work to be part of Microsoft’s next move on the Mac and on iOS.


Microsoft is looking for a computer programmer with experience in the programming languages ​​C and C + + for the "Outlook Test team. The development team will work with the design, implementation and testing of new features. "to be part of Microsoft's next steps on the Mac and iOS" to be.

Now there is Microsoft Outlook, but a Mac, but still no IOS version. The ad could also be an indication that Microsoft is actually an iPhone and / or iPad version of Outlook and plans to other programs in the Office suite. If and when it will actually be that far remains to be seen – so far, Microsoft has not yet ruled on the rumors.

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