Microsoft Launches Hub Keyboard For iPhone



Officially announced a few weeks ago, Microsoft releases its Hub keyboard for iPhone. After all, it should even be a one-handed mode for easy operation on the large iPhone. Today, Microsoft has finally released a new keyboard iPhone app – but it is not to the already announced Keyboard.

Instead, Microsoft has released Keyboard Hub (App Store link below), which can be downloaded for free on the iPhone. If the keyboard is set up via the iOS settings, should you take advantage of several additional features that we want to introduce you, of course.

Note that in addition to have complete access to iPhone to enjoy all its features, Hub Keyboard also impose to have an account Office 365. But he has still as a full keyboard for those who regularly use their smartphone for work. It remains to see what will give the keyboard as Google prepares for iOS.

So you can rely not only directly on the text present in the clipboard, but thanks to Office 365 on your own documents, spreadsheets and presentations and can share them with other users, without having to leave the message or e-mail app. Likewise, just contact information from the address book or the Office 365 account with other users can be shared.

However, the Hub Keyboard supports only the QWERTY layout and the English spelling so far, although Microsoft has already announced support for additional languages. Anyway, we wonder what is reason to have the Hub Keyboard: Really exciting new features and functions does not provide the keyboard.

The more tense we are known by the Windows Phone keyboard that Microsoft so apparently still developing. One can only hope that the different localizations of the main languages ​​are provided too.

Download: Microsoft Hub Keyboard for iPhone from iOS App Store for free

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