windows 10 s

windows 10 s

Microsoft announces a new version of its operating system Windows 10 S, designed for the educational world. It’s as powerful as Windows 10 but slimmed down, and the only significant difference is the ability to install apps only from the Microsoft Store.Windows 10 S is what the Microsoft ecosystem was lacking, a serious competitor of the Chrome OS.

After enumerating all the advantages of having computers and tablets in schools, Terry Myerson, responsible for Windows introduced  Microsoft Windows 10 S, an operating system launched to compete with Chrome OS and Chromebooks in education, and has been Built-in to meet the needs of teachers and students.

Windows 10 S is focused on simplicity and efficiency. Faced with the uses of Windows 10 Pro in education, Windows 10 S offers a 15-second login to have the configuration and the desktop ready. To this is added that the new operating system allows a configuration by USB that allows in a very short time a computer is ready to integrate into a classroom.


The big limitation of Windows 10 S seems to be that it will not be possible to install classic applications that are outside the Windows Store as a security measure, which leaves no one on the earth of browsers like Chrome, which are downloaded from the Google website. Out of these limitations, Windows 10 S allows the use of devices and peripherals as it happens in the complete versions.

But that does not mean that Windows 10 S computers will be relegated to school; Microsoft’s partners in back-to-school will bring laptop and computer consumer electronics chains of all kinds and form factor features Of the new operating system that will complement those with classic Windows 10. To differentiate them,  there will only be a S stamp to the operating system, something we have need  a lot of the early Windows RT, the Windows operating system for ARM tablet allowed to run only a few applications from the Store.

Although it does not appear that everything presented can greatly weaken the position of Chromebooks in the classroom, Microsoft has taken a step that can make very attractive the use of Windows 10 S ,cheap laptops of major PC manufacturers (Acer, Samsung, Asus , Toshiba, Dell, HP, etc.) with a starting price of  $189 and including free licenses for Microsoft Office 365 for Education and a year of Minecraft: Education Edition. If a school already uses Windows 10, it can be downloaded to Windows 10 S for free. For the opposite step, to go from 10 S to 10, it will be $50 per machine.

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