Microsoft Office announces Dropbox integration in mobile devices



Microsoft reached an agreement on the integration of office suite with Dropbox. Customers Office will be able to directly work with documents saved in the popular cloud service. This is stated in the official blog of Microsoft.

The corporation said that in the near future in all MS Office applications appear standard way to edit files Word, Excel and PowerPoint, are in Dropbox. In Office for iPad will be an update that will allow users to link their Dropbox accounts directly from Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Dropbox also add in your own applications possible, directing users to a Microsoft Office document editing. When it comes to mobile devices that do not have an office suite Microsoft, Dropbox offer to download it for editing files. Moreover, all changes will be automatically synced to the cloud.


Microsoft Office suite for iPad and Android currently requires a subscription to Office 365 for editing documents. Although Microsoft has not made any announcements, now quite a good time to make mobile app for free – this will achieve much more success. Microsoft has also added to their Office applications to share links to files Dropbox.

The first signs of integration with Dropbox Office will appear in the updated application for iOS and Android in the coming weeks. The full new functionality will be available next year.

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